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I need twitter because I don't have another forum in my life where I can rant/commiserate about the wrong opinions of people who think Jonathan Toews is overrated, like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM. DO THEY EVEN WATCH HOCKEY? DO THEN KNOW WHAT A CORSI NUMBER IS? CAN I EXPLAIN HOW IT TRANSLATES TO "FUCK YOU, HE IS TOO GOOD AT HOCKEY"? HE HAS THE BEST FACEOFF WIN PERCENTAGE IN THE NHL. Get outttt.

Also, now that I've broken up with tumblr, where do I blather about how Patricks Kane and Sharp are definitely having a ton of amazing sex and Johnny is definitely not jealous, nope, he's not angrily jerking off in his empty, cold, silent hotel room, thinking about seeing them in the hallway, Kaner tipped against Sharpy's side, laughing, head back, the long pale stretch of his throat, and Sharpy finally managing to get the key to swipe and guiding Kaner into the room with a hand on the small of his back. Johnny isn't thinking about any of that and he's definitely not jealous of Sharpy probably pushing Kaner down on the bed, shoving him around a little, biting that vulnerable spot on the side of Kaner's neck, rolling Kaner onto his belly and stripping him out of his clothes and absolutely in no way does Johnny come while picturing Kaner looking back over his shoulder, saying c'mon, do it, because that image would sear itself into his mind and in the morning when he sees Sharpy lean over and say something to Kaner at breakfast with a mischievous smirk, Johnny would cough and feel the back of his neck get red and almost choke on his eggs. And obviously that's undignified, so it does not happen. At all.


Date: 2013-02-24 02:45 pm (UTC)
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Okay, what, how can anybody not like Toews? HE FILLS THE YZERMAN-SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART, OKAY. And, all right, I just looked up Corsi numbers and do not quite get it because statistics are not my bag, but do you know what is my bag? SCORING GOALS WITH YOUR BRAIN. Winning by WANTING IT SO MUCH THE WORLD ARRANGES ITSELF TO BE SO.

. . . you can blather about that here. Yes. Excellent choice. I would read all of the words about repressed Jonathan Toews.

Date: 2013-02-27 12:06 pm (UTC)
siegeofangels: The angel from Guido Reni's "The Angel Appearing To St. Jerome" (Default)
From: [personal profile] siegeofangels
That is how magic he is, he can ~bridge the gap of ALL NUMBER NINETEENS EVERYWHERE.

OMG, repressed Toews, yes, there is not enough of him. I do love the la-la-la happily clueless Toews but would ALSO DIG THE HELL OUT OF sublimating Toews scoring goals and yelling because that is the only way he knows how to express his love.

Genooooooo. I hope he's better soon, like actually better. Because when they actually say oh, he had some short term memory loss instead of saying UPPER BODY INJURY, OKAY it is kind of scary. Sid can help him. And by help I mean cuddle.

UGH, PKane, your newly expressed maturity is SO APPEALING, did you read the thing after Toews picked a fight with Thornton and Kane was like, . . . no, I'm not gonna get in any fights soon, I need my HANDS to play HOCKEY WITH.

. . . JOHNNY. >:(


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