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[personal profile] cinco posted our write-up and resources from the bisexual visibility panel we did at [community profile] con_txt! It was a great panel and very meaningful to me personally to get a spot on the panel schedule for bi visibility (and invisibility) in fandom. [personal profile] cinco was a great co-mod and most of our excellent preparation can be attributed to her fantastic organizational skills!

I also wanted to thank everyone who attended, and everyone who came up afterwards to talk. <3<3 Anyway, go forth and enjoy the write-up!
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Had a blast at [community profile] con_txt! I'm gradually assembling con and panel write-ups. [personal profile] corbae has posted the write up from Fun With Inverted Tropes, which was a blast. We had a great crowd and [personal profile] corbae was an awesome co-mod.

The write-up is chock full of inverted trope recs, clever quips from the panel audience, and inverted trope ideas for more fics. Enjoy!
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I had a great time at Con.Txt this weekend - it was my first con EVAR! On Saturday during the DIY block, [personal profile] corbae and I split off from the general RPS DIY panel to talk about Hockey RPF. A group of us sat in the ConSweet and chatted about how the sport works, fics we've enjoyed, hilarious/ridiculous things hockey players do on twitter and youtube, and some things we like and would like to see more often.

I took some rough notes and [personal profile] corbae and I worked up this recap.

Hockey 101, recs galore, a hockey RPF wishlist, and a few miscellaneous links and pics! )

I think that's it! I had a great time, and thanks to everyone who came. Please feel free to add things I missed, correct my inevitable silly mistakes, and offer more recs and resources in comments. I will post a link to this on the [community profile] con_txt comm when it opens for recap posting!


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