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hi, i'm v. this is where the fic lives!


i will always warn for the following things in content notes in the headers of fiction posted here:
-nonconsensual sex or dubious consent
-underage (under 18)
-suicide and self-injury
-graphic violence

if the header has NO content notes, or says "content notes: none", the post does not contain any of those things. i also use content notes to warn for other things, on a case-by-case basis.

if you have questions about a header or a warning, you can ask me via email or comment, and i will respectfully and seriously do my best to answer.


i rate things in two categories: Explicit and Non-Explicit.

explicit stories contain graphic descriptions of sex, violence, or both. (graphic violence will be mentioned in the content notes.)

non-explicit means no graphic sex and no graphic violence, but things with this rating may include cuddling, innuendo, bar fights, swearing, and other things that happen in PG-13 movies.

feedback and constructive criticism

i love getting feedback on stories in comments (here, LJ, or AO3) or via email. if you spot typos or mixups in something and feel like telling me, please do! if you want to leave constructive criticism on stories, i appreciate that also.

transformative works

if you want to remix, podfic, draw art for, spin off of, or generally make anything based on something i've made, please feel free! i would love to get a link to what you make so i can beam at it gleefully, but it's not required.

find me other places

[livejournal.com profile] v_greyson
[twitter.com profile] v_greyson

any questions? leave 'em here, or send me an email (veronica dot greyson at gmail dot com).