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Yesterday I had many adventures, starting with [personal profile] cinco's birthday brunch, then AVENGERSSSSSSS, followed (naturally) by shawarma and hangouts.

Here is my non-spoilery Avengers review, helpfully summarized by Patrick Kane:

(from here.)

Thanks, Patrick.

More reactions and mini recslist under here. )
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As you probably know if you've been near me for the last five (jfc) months, I have been training for a marathon! And on Saturday I will run 26.2 miles (that's about 47km, for you metric folks <3) for...fun, I guess? Fun and perpetual bragging rights.

Anyway, I have been training with a running club which does not allow headphones on their runs (shocking, I know). So I am sadly bereft of a solid running playlist that will carry me for most or all of the marathon, i.e., four plus hours of running, running, and more running.

So! Rec me your dance music, your cardio playlists, your sick club remixes. Anything that makes you want to jump around or feel really happy. Genre is pretty unimportant; I have listened to all kinds of things while running with great motivational success (French ska rock, folk rock about being killed by angry villagers, Justin Timberlake/LCD Soundsystem mashups). I reserve the right to draw the line at heavy metal, though.

Anyway, tell me about the songs where you are like, "Damn, I don't know why, but it's making me dance." I have Spotify, so I will combine all this into the SUPER AMAZING MARATHON PLAYLIST OF VICTORY and then I will listen to it while I run. And run. And run some more.

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Sequence (5357 words) by faviconv_greyson
Fandom: Hitman (2007)
Rating: Explicit
Content note: Marked "Graphic Depictions of Violence" at the AO3 - about as violent as the average PG-13 action movie.
Relationships: Mike Whittier/47
Summary: If that's an Interpol agent, Mike is the Holy Roman Emperor.

With thanks to [personal profile] katwithallergies for a last-minute look-over (as usual).


I had a lot of fun writing this, thanks in part to an excellent prompt with a nice, handy list of narrative preferences from my recipient. I decided to offer this fandom because it was unmatched five minutes before sign-ups closed, and it was a good plan. Hooray, Yuletide!
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Hooray, Yuletide author, I'm so glad you're here! Let me explain what my requests meant, since I was in a huge rush and left the details box totally blank.  Helpful, I know.  If you were way excited to get blank prompts, then go no further! You are awesome for offering any of these things, and I would love whatever you feel like writing for any of them.  There's only one thing I strongly dislike in fic, and that's infidelity.  If you can avoid that, we will be cool. If not, my love for these fandoms will probably overcome my random infidelity squick, so, you know, no hard feelings.

Now, the actual requests: My Drunk Kitchen, Actor RPF, Community, and American Girls: Samantha.  YouTube embeds, pictures, longwinded rambling, and other absurd things behind the cut. )

So that's all I have, Yuletider.  If you made it this far, I am seriously impressed by your fortitude.  Thank you for offering one of my fandoms, and for writing me a story.  Happy Yuletide. <3


Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:30 am
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I'm at favicongreyson on the AO3, if you are interested in subscribing. Things I am writing now: Inception (mostly the Cause=Time sequel, which is at 15,000 words and counting), Stargate: Atlantis, and probably some other things I don't remember because it's three in the morning.

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First Impressions
Talking. About feelings. In public. John longs for a rock-throwing planet.
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: Non-explicit.
Content notes: None.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, not making any money.
Thanks: to Meghan for pulling me out of the fire, to Kisa Hawklin for leading the charge, and to the mods for being understanding about my last-minute flailing.
Notes: For [community profile] mcshep_match 2010, Team Work. Prompt: acid test.

Read at the AO3 || Read at McShep Match on LJ
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western slope
Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: Non-Explicit
Content notes: None.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, not making any money.

john takes one deep breath and then he's flying. )

someday i will write some more of this. yay?
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