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hi, i'm v. this is where the fic lives!

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any questions? leave 'em here, or send me an email (veronica dot greyson at gmail dot com).
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hi, okay, i'm not even going to attempt to recap things that have happened since i posted last, this is a just drive-by post to help my secret santa if they need such a thing.

a very partial list of things I like:
-dark chocolate, the darker the better, especially the kind with sea salt
-prints/paintings/drawings/cross-stitches/emboridery of pithy sayings that i can put up on my wall
-wine stopper thingies so i have less justification for drinking the whole bottle all the time
-infinity scarves (like, in style, not in quantity, although i mean...i do want to HAVE infinite scarves as well, so non-infinity scarves that contribute to my goal of infinite scarves are also good)
-sparkly things (headbands, collar or princess length necklaces, uhh...other things...basically if it can have sparkles on it i am in favor of it)
-toys for #MOZDOG. fuzzy toys, bones for chewing, and food-dispensing toys are all good.
-all baked goods involving chocolate
-NWHL things
-leggings or yoga pants with cool prints (size M)
-space-themed stuff
-dinosaur-themed stuff
-bucky barnes-themed stuff

things I do not like:
-orange or yellow
-stuff with a strong scent
-licorice flavors
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[personal profile] cinco posted our write-up and resources from the bisexual visibility panel we did at [community profile] con_txt! It was a great panel and very meaningful to me personally to get a spot on the panel schedule for bi visibility (and invisibility) in fandom. [personal profile] cinco was a great co-mod and most of our excellent preparation can be attributed to her fantastic organizational skills!

I also wanted to thank everyone who attended, and everyone who came up afterwards to talk. <3<3 Anyway, go forth and enjoy the write-up!
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Had a blast at [community profile] con_txt! I'm gradually assembling con and panel write-ups. [personal profile] corbae has posted the write up from Fun With Inverted Tropes, which was a blast. We had a great crowd and [personal profile] corbae was an awesome co-mod.

The write-up is chock full of inverted trope recs, clever quips from the panel audience, and inverted trope ideas for more fics. Enjoy!
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Since it was posted in a weird backdate-y way, here's my Yuletide letter for this year. I requested Goon, Iskryne Series (aka the psychic soulbonded wolves canon), The Secret Garden, and Wonderfalls.

I'm also excited about my assignment. :D :D :D

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Hello, Yuletide Author! Welcome to my letter. If you don't like optional details and want to run free, yay! Have fun! I love all the fandoms I requested and will gleefully read whatever you feel like writing.

The only thing I would strongly prefer not to see in my Yuletide gift is partner betrayal. If you do head in that direction, please put a content note so I can get my brain ready. In general, I don't enjoy reading about trust issues, infidelity, public embarrassment, or abusive relationships.

Tropes I especially enjoy: cuddling, soulbonds, intense platonic friendships, kinky gen, psychic wolves, h/c, domesticity, protectiveness, open relationships, polyamory, threesomes, bed sharing.

Otherwise, here's some elaboration on the optional details box from my sign up!

Goon )
Iskryne Series )
The Secret Garden )
Wonderfalls )

So that's it! If you are interested in some background, I have past letters from 2011 here (My Drunk Kitchen, Actor RPF, Community, American Girls: Samantha) and 2012 here (Iskryne Series, Teen Wolf RPF, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Sex House).

Hope you have an excellent Yuletide, author, and thank you for writing! <3
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HELLO. i have the final for my summer class (federal rules of evidence, SO EXCITING) in six days, and i have to learn about a billion rules between now and then, which is okay but kind of brainsucking. SO we should play a game for my study breaks, yes? yes! i stole this from tumblr because that's how i roll.

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom (pairing optional) and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e., write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write).

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth - SGA (john/rodney)
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing - hockey rpf (eberle/hall, RNH)
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition - due south (fraser/ray k)
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy - hockey rpf (duncan keith & brent seabrook): 1, 2 (inverted trope)
15. high school/college AU

Bonus Round!
16. aliens-made-them
17. sex worker fic
18. bodyguards
20. curtainfic

repeats definitely allowed, so do not be shy if i already wrote one of the trope you want! MOAR TROPES. ALL OF THEM.

non-inclusive list of fandoms )
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the bf & i are moving to smaller, less expensive digs (do people still say digs? too late, said it) to save money so that i can (maybe? one day?) eventually leave my job and FOLLOW MY DREAMS of not doing something i dislike for a guy who sleeps all day.

anyway, i am GETTIN' RID OF STUFF, because right now we live in a tiny concrete box, but soon we will live in an even tinier concrete box and it will probably be underground.

locals, i will accept trades of craft beer, baked goods, cocktails at karaoke, etc. everyone else, the "prices" are basically "how much i think it will cost to ship these things in the U.S." my goal is to break even on shipping because i am bad at capitalism.

movies, some TV shows, and a few comic trade paperbacks! )

doot doot doot. my paypal is paypal at theveronisaurus dot com. if you have questions or want pics of anything, let me know!
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At any second I will get out of bed and use this time productively. Any...second...now.

In other news, sometimes I can only laugh at my absurd predictability, e.g., what's that? An OT3 with two adorable bb rookies and an older, experienced, tough-yet-pretty third? HAHAHAHAHA BRB RENTING A DRY DOCK TO BUILD MYSELF AN ENORMOUS SHIP. Here is an excellent Gally/Gally/Prust primer if you, too, would like to be pulled into this. (Scroll down until you reach the beautiful bearded dude with his hands possessively on their shoulders WHOOPS OKAY I'M DONE.)

This emergency feels bulletin has been brought to you by SNOOOOOW.
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Today I came up with a detailed way to explain case law hierarchy of authority using fanfiction analogies and I was SO PROUD for about thirty seconds before I realized 1) no one cares, 2) I am a huuuuge nerd, 3) probably I should be paying attention to this Torts lecture.

I also went to eight meetings and made a color-coded data collection spreadsheet. We will not speak of anything else that happened at work today because it was probably stupid.

Now I am in a terrible mood and my boyfriend is judging me with his judgy eyes for sitting here on the computer instead of working out or doing laundry. Okay, maybe I'm judging myself with my judgy eyes. Whichever.

I will go wash some laundry and commune with the treadmill, I guess.

*vanishes in a cloud of BORING DUST*
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all civ pro profs make
things too complicated, per
the job description.

so bored in this class
Erie doctrine makes me nap
this isn’t THAT hard

seven minutes left
time creeps forward so slowly
let me out of here

when will civ pro end
already sick of Erie
I long for freedom

if you’re having girl
problems I feel bad for you
but civ pro sucks too.

wake up a gunner
civ pro crushes will to care
go to bed peaceful

hey, I just met you
and this is crazy, but I’m
trapped in civ pro, help

at last the bell tolls
stop talking about this case
I want to go home
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Instigating a serious debate in my legal writing class when someone said you need a citation to support the statement that there are fights in hockey.

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(reposted from my ex-twitter)

hey everyone.

I need to take a break from the interwebs for a while so I can focus on school & life.

Because I know myself and my willpower (& lack thereof), I'm deleting my twitter & tumblr.

My Dreamwidth will stay up & my fic's still on ao3. You can also find me via email.

This is something I need to do for myself right now to get through the next while. <3 I hope you understand & I wish you all well.

(there's some stuff going on in the background, about my job changing how it treats online activities, my relationship with the bf being at a weird place where it needs extra attention, & work/school/future career-related socializing draining my human contact batteries. but that's the gist of it. it's not - i'm not doing this to be cute, i am sad about it, i had a drink and cried a little when i hit the button to delete, but i think it's what i need to do for myself right now. i hope i can find a balance that lets me participate more in fandom, but for now, i'm quieting down.)
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On a semi-regular basis, various DC events conspire to keep bf & I cooped up in the apartment - hurricanes, hurriquakes, Inaugurations, etc. A few hurricanes ago, bf & I started throwing random things into the cast iron pan to make something we dubbed "Hurricane Beans" and we still eat it on a semi-regular basis for several reasons. Number one, it's made almost entirely out of stuff we usually have in the pantry. Number two, it's pretty quick and easy. Number three, it's very flexible, because it's basically "pile stuff in pan, make stuff hot, eat it." Number four, OM NOM DELICIOUS.

Today we have been hiding from the inaugural crowds, so I made a version i'm calling "Inauguration Casserole." Recipe/instruction type things are below the cut.

Hurricane Beans! )
Variation: Inaugural Casserole )
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Sometimes people ask me, "Should I go to law school?" because apparently being in law school has made me some kind of ~expert~ on the legal field. Sometimes they open this with, "I really want a job, so..."

anyway, here is the latest iteration of my response that, preserved here for my own future reference. )
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Hooray! Thank you for writing me a story! I am so excited to read it. First off, let me say if you were excited to see an empty details box on my prompt, that is great! Feel free to skip this entire post and write what you feel. But if you want some ideas about specific things I would enjoy reading, this is the post for you.

There's one thing I really don't like and would strongly prefer to not find in my Yuletide gift, and that's partner betrayal. If you do want to write that, please put a content note so I can prepare my brain accordingly.

Okay! Onwards!


Teen Wolf RPF )

Snow White and the Huntsman )

Sex House )

Again, thank you for signing up and for writing me a story! I hope at least something in this post was helpful. Feel free to use or ignore whatever parts of it you want. I love all these fandoms and would be thrilled to read anything in any of them. Happy Yuletide!
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On Tuesday, I start part-time law school. "Part-time" law school is totally a lie, by the way, because full-time is 14 credit hours the first year, and part-time is 11. THAT IS NOT HALFSES. To make this even more ridiculous, I'll also be working 40 hours a week at my desk job. No, I don't know why I thought this was a good idea. I guess it comes from the same lizard brain that thinks running really long distances for no reason is great.

Because the internet gives me the attention span of a squirrel on PCP (TM hyperbole and a half), I am going to cut myself off from the delicious, distracting interblags for the duration. This goes double for Twitter, which I adore, but which eats time I now have to spend reading cases, frantically trying to figure out Westlaw, and occasionally doing the dishes.

Anyway, all of this is to say, I'll probably drop in on my semester breaks, but don't expect much from me until 2016 (ye gods). So I'll see you all then, assuming the Yellowstone caldera doesn't blow and create some internet-less post-apocalyptic society under a blanket of ash, or whatever.

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I had a great time at Con.Txt this weekend - it was my first con EVAR! On Saturday during the DIY block, [personal profile] corbae and I split off from the general RPS DIY panel to talk about Hockey RPF. A group of us sat in the ConSweet and chatted about how the sport works, fics we've enjoyed, hilarious/ridiculous things hockey players do on twitter and youtube, and some things we like and would like to see more often.

I took some rough notes and [personal profile] corbae and I worked up this recap.

Hockey 101, recs galore, a hockey RPF wishlist, and a few miscellaneous links and pics! )

I think that's it! I had a great time, and thanks to everyone who came. Please feel free to add things I missed, correct my inevitable silly mistakes, and offer more recs and resources in comments. I will post a link to this on the [community profile] con_txt comm when it opens for recap posting!
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