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Hello, Yuletide Author! Welcome to my letter. If you don't like optional details and want to run free, yay! Have fun! I love all the fandoms I requested and will gleefully read whatever you feel like writing.

The only thing I would strongly prefer not to see in my Yuletide gift is partner betrayal. If you do head in that direction, please put a content note so I can get my brain ready. In general, I don't enjoy reading about trust issues, infidelity, public embarrassment, or abusive relationships.

Tropes I especially enjoy: cuddling, soulbonds, intense platonic friendships, kinky gen, psychic wolves, h/c, domesticity, protectiveness, open relationships, polyamory, threesomes, bed sharing.

Otherwise, here's some elaboration on the optional details box from my sign up!


Sign-Up Optional Details: Okay, Xavier LaFlamme/Doug Glatt/Eva OT3 for life. But also I feel like Doug Glatt and Ross Rhea had some awesome sexual tension.

I love hockey and I love this movie, so basically anything will make me very happy. :D

I don't have a lot else to say besides my optional details! Gen character studies of Xavier or Doug or Eva or Ross would also be amazing. And I'd read basically any permutation of Doug-Eva-Xavier.

There's a lot of open ground after the movie ends that I'd be interested in. Do Doug and Xavier make it to the big show together? How does Eva feel (...in her pants?) about Doug punching people for a living? I feel like there might be something to explore with the ongoing debate/discussion about the role of the enforcer in hockey - is there even a place for Doug in hockey?

I have great affection for all the characters and for the sport in general, so whatever you write will fill me with happiness.

Iskryne Series

Sign-Up Optional Details: Psychic soulbonded wolves are my #1 favorite trope of all time. Anything as long as there are wolves and they are psychically soul bonded.

I requested this last year, so I'll cut and paste:

The main allure of this canon for me is wolves! with psychic soulbonds! to humans! Wolves are great because they are like THE MOST AWESOME dogs, dogs to the Nth power. Psychic wolves are even better because it opens up COMMUNICATION with your super-cool animal companion. And then when a bunch of people and psychic wolves are together, you end up with ALL the wolves and ALL the people psychically bonded in a SUPER PACK. It is absolutely one of my favorite things ever. Super-mega soulbond + awesome animal companion = two great tastes that taste great together.

...Psychic soulbonded wolves are my #1 priority in this canon. So if you don't like the book canon and don't want to write about troll fights or use the weird fake German or just don't care for it that much, feel free to write any kind of AU you want: OCs, a crossover, a barista AU, WHATEVER. All I ask is that you keep the psychic soulbonded wolves. Because they are awesome.

The Secret Garden

Sign-Up Optional Details: Dickon is one of my favorite characters ever. And, if you are sensing a theme, Dickon/Colin/Mary = original OT3 of my heart.

Gen fic set after the end of the book, an outtake from the book, something set in the future as they grow up - I really just love these characters and want to read about them more. Maybe Dickon gets a psychic soulbonded wolf during the war. :D?



Sign-Up Optional Details: Jaye is so great. Also, Mahandra is a badass. Mahandra and Jaye friendship or Mahandra/Jaye makeouts would be amazing. And Mahandra/Aaron is super adorable. Or Aaron being a stunning yet somewhat awkward fail boat.

Basically that! (I didn't mention it in the sign-up, but, uh, Jaye/Mahandra/Aaron is also a-okay with me. :D) Future fic, something set during the show, gen, adventures/casefic - all would be great. A "missing episode" or other adventure story would be amazing.

I really that the show has that sarcastic edge but the characters do sincerely care about each other. While being snarky overeducated, unemployable philosophy majors.

So that's it! If you are interested in some background, I have past letters from 2011 here (My Drunk Kitchen, Actor RPF, Community, American Girls: Samantha) and 2012 here (Iskryne Series, Teen Wolf RPF, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Sex House).

Hope you have an excellent Yuletide, author, and thank you for writing! <3
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