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Since it was posted in a weird backdate-y way, here's my Yuletide letter for this year. I requested Goon, Iskryne Series (aka the psychic soulbonded wolves canon), The Secret Garden, and Wonderfalls.

I'm also excited about my assignment. :D :D :D

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Hello, Yuletide Author! Welcome to my letter. If you don't like optional details and want to run free, yay! Have fun! I love all the fandoms I requested and will gleefully read whatever you feel like writing.

The only thing I would strongly prefer not to see in my Yuletide gift is partner betrayal. If you do head in that direction, please put a content note so I can get my brain ready. In general, I don't enjoy reading about trust issues, infidelity, public embarrassment, or abusive relationships.

Tropes I especially enjoy: cuddling, soulbonds, intense platonic friendships, kinky gen, psychic wolves, h/c, domesticity, protectiveness, open relationships, polyamory, threesomes, bed sharing.

Otherwise, here's some elaboration on the optional details box from my sign up!

Goon )
Iskryne Series )
The Secret Garden )
Wonderfalls )

So that's it! If you are interested in some background, I have past letters from 2011 here (My Drunk Kitchen, Actor RPF, Community, American Girls: Samantha) and 2012 here (Iskryne Series, Teen Wolf RPF, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Sex House).

Hope you have an excellent Yuletide, author, and thank you for writing! <3
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Hooray! Thank you for writing me a story! I am so excited to read it. First off, let me say if you were excited to see an empty details box on my prompt, that is great! Feel free to skip this entire post and write what you feel. But if you want some ideas about specific things I would enjoy reading, this is the post for you.

There's one thing I really don't like and would strongly prefer to not find in my Yuletide gift, and that's partner betrayal. If you do want to write that, please put a content note so I can prepare my brain accordingly.

Okay! Onwards!


Teen Wolf RPF )

Snow White and the Huntsman )

Sex House )

Again, thank you for signing up and for writing me a story! I hope at least something in this post was helpful. Feel free to use or ignore whatever parts of it you want. I love all these fandoms and would be thrilled to read anything in any of them. Happy Yuletide!
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Hooray, Yuletide author, I'm so glad you're here! Let me explain what my requests meant, since I was in a huge rush and left the details box totally blank.  Helpful, I know.  If you were way excited to get blank prompts, then go no further! You are awesome for offering any of these things, and I would love whatever you feel like writing for any of them.  There's only one thing I strongly dislike in fic, and that's infidelity.  If you can avoid that, we will be cool. If not, my love for these fandoms will probably overcome my random infidelity squick, so, you know, no hard feelings.

Now, the actual requests: My Drunk Kitchen, Actor RPF, Community, and American Girls: Samantha.  YouTube embeds, pictures, longwinded rambling, and other absurd things behind the cut. )

So that's all I have, Yuletider.  If you made it this far, I am seriously impressed by your fortitude.  Thank you for offering one of my fandoms, and for writing me a story.  Happy Yuletide. <3


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