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Dear Yuletide Author

Hooray! Thank you for writing me a story! I am so excited to read it. First off, let me say if you were excited to see an empty details box on my prompt, that is great! Feel free to skip this entire post and write what you feel. But if you want some ideas about specific things I would enjoy reading, this is the post for you.

There's one thing I really don't like and would strongly prefer to not find in my Yuletide gift, and that's partner betrayal. If you do want to write that, please put a content note so I can prepare my brain accordingly.

Okay! Onwards!

Iskryne Series - Kari, Isolfr, Sokkolfr

The main allure of this canon for me is wolves! with psychic soulbonds! to humans! Wolves are great because they are like THE MOST AWESOME dogs, dogs to the Nth power. Psychic wolves are even better because it opens up COMMUNICATION with your super-cool animal companion. And then when a bunch of people and psychic wolves are together, you end up with ALL the wolves and ALL the people psychically bonded in a SUPER PACK. It is absolutely one of my favorite things ever. Super-mega soulbond + awesome animal companion = two great tastes that taste great together. ANYWAY. Clearly, I have a lot of feelings about psychic soulbonded wolves, as many people who have been subjected to this rant can attest.

I requested Kari because he's my favorite character. He just met a wolf in the woods and they became soulbonded BFFs! AMAZING. I am a fan of Sokkofr because he's witty and fun and a good sidekick. (I <3 sidekicks.) And I love the canon OT3 and Isolfr. So a story involving any of those characters would be great to read.

As previously mentioned, however, psychic soulbonded wolves are my #1 priority in this canon. So if you don't like the book canon and don't want to write about troll fights or use the weird fake German or just don't care for it that much, feel free to write any kind of AU you want: OCs, a crossover, a barista AU, WHATEVER. All I ask is that you keep the psychic soulbonded wolves. Because they are awesome.

Teen Wolf RPF - Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden

Okay, I have no real ideas here, I just want fic. I like friendship, adventure, first time, established relationship, gen or het or slash or femmeslash, couples or threesomes or moresomes or WHATEVER. Seriously, with this, I am easier than ordering at McDonalds. I like the Posey/Dylan bromance a lot and would be excited to read friendship or shippy fic about them. Hoechlin's smiley, happy face is pretty great, and the Hoechlin/Dylan RPF Sterek analogue is pretty appealing. Holland is adorable and sassy and IDK, I'd read anything involving her. Also, although I didn't include them in my request tags, the "grownups" are pretty great too.

So any fic about the cast would be awesome. I secretly long for a meta AU where they are werewolves in real life, but...yeah. Do not at all feel obligated to do that.

(The one note is that I'm pretty angry about Colton Haynes wearing brownface for Halloween, so if you could steer away from him, that would be cool.)

Snow White and the Huntsman - The Huntsman, William, Snow White

What I reaaaaally, really want is a story about the William/Snow/Huntsman OT3. There was so much significant eye contact at the end of that movie! But if you are not in the OT3 mood, that's okay too, no stress.

I would love to read any post-movie story involving William, Snow, or the Huntsman. Do Snow and William get marriage-of-convenience hitched? Does the Huntsman take William on a tour to ~meet the people~ and they have to huddle for warmth in a hayloft? They all become baristas? I DO NOT KNOW. I would be excited to read anything you write in this canon or about these characters.

Sex House - Tara, Erin

Last year I had great luck with a YouTube fandom (My Drunk Kitchen!), so I'm trying it again. Sex House is The Onion parodying a The Real World or Big Brother-esque reality show. It starts out like a regular imitative parody and then gradually ends up in surreal, vaguely horror-y territory. (NB: I cannot watch slasher or horror movies of the Saw or Paranormal Activities varieties, on account of being a squeamish scaredy-cat, but I enjoyed Sex House. The horror is more psychological than gross-out, although there are a few "ewww" moments. Think less "Saw 18: Saw of Saws" and more "The Metamorphosis," only an online video parody of reality TV made by a joke news organization - so that's totally a legitimate analogy.) If you haven't seen it and decide try it, I recommend at least three episodes, because that's when it really starts using the gross and skeevy parts of reality shows to point out their gross skeeviness.

Reality TV as commentary is fairly popular right now - the most obvious example is The Hunger Games. What I like about Sex House is that unlike THG, which is extrapolating reality TV to a future dystopia, Sex House is arguing the reality TV dystopia is already here. I watched a lot of The Real World in my formative years, so I am not in a position to judge anyone, and I think Sex House is acknowledging the appeal of those shows: watching people get it on is kinda fun.

But have you ever had someone ask you what you're doing, and when you try to explain, you're like, wow, I am doing something really stupid? Try this: television producers convince attractive, attention-hungry people to move into shared living space, then put them in stressful situations to create interpersonal conflict and sexual tension for the amusement of people watching a highly-edited version months later. Sex House is basically the YouTube version of that sentence. With frogs.

Anyway, I requested Tara because I thought she had actual character growth, which is impressive in a ten-episode web series. She starts out seeming so vapid but turns out to be one of the few compassionate people. (And then at the end you find out they edited out her epilepsy?! wtf!!) I asked for Erin because I think she also has an interesting arc.

Wherever you want to go with this, I would be delighted to read it: a deleted scene? Stuff from a post-show reunion? Some of them get lured back for one of those "champions" seasons? Sex House Hunger Games AU?

Again, thank you for signing up and for writing me a story! I hope at least something in this post was helpful. Feel free to use or ignore whatever parts of it you want. I love all these fandoms and would be thrilled to read anything in any of them. Happy Yuletide!
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spoiler alert: ILU.
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And then when a bunch of people and psychic wolves are together, you end up with ALL the wolves and ALL the people psychically bonded in a SUPER PACK.

And when the people are elves, that's ElfQuest!